St. Augustine’s Best Surfing Spots

We’ll be the first to admit it — Florida may not be the first spot you think of when you think of surfing. For the most part, the West Coast has been the primary nexus of the music and culture of wave-riding — so surfing in Florida has flown under the radar a bit.

However, it would be a mistake to sleep on Florida as a world-class surfing destination. Florida surfing culture has a very active presence, with the beaches in and around St. Augustine proving particularly popular with area boarders.

Have an itch to get your surf on? Then you’ll want to check out the following spots to enjoy some of the best surfing in Florida.

Young man in a bathing suit on a surfboard


The Infamous Blowhole has long been a storied Florida surfing destination. At one time, this spot could be counted on to deliver giant waves and massive breaks. Recent construction in the area has changed the topography a bit and dampened most of the over-the-top thrill rides it used to be known for. But the result is a much mellower area that today offers beginning and intermediate riders very consistent, reliable wave patterns. You’ll find this semi-secret spot about a mile north of Anastasia State Recreation Area.

The Middles

“The Middles” is a spot that’s often mentioned in the same breath as Blowhole, and for many of the same reasons. Once home to punishing curls, it’s settled into a much more even-tempered area over the decades. And while most locals agree that the most epic waves can be found during the slightly milder winter months, there’s never really a bad time to ride this region. You’ll also find “The Middles” near Anastasia.


If you’re willing to gamble a bit on consistency looking for slightly bigger breaks, then you’ll want to seek out Vilano. Situated very near St. Augustine Inlet, this North Beach-area hot spot has been known to offer challenging swells that would give even experienced riders a run for their money. It may be a slightly less reliable area than some of the others discussed here, but when it’s active, it’ll keep you on your toes.

Crescent Beach

Long, even, and consistent breaks are the order of the day in this friendly spot. While it may not deliver the thrill-a-minute overheads of some other places you may have surfed, it’s nevertheless a very reliable ride at any time of day and all times of year. Crescent is great for starter or intermediate surfers looking to work on balance and endurance, or even experienced surfers who just want a fun, relaxing day on the water.

Ponte Vedra

A popular spot with locals, the conditions at “PV” are fairly mercurial depending on weather patterns. Periods of time not long after active storm activity tend to bring out the best in the swells and breaks. Regardless, even a little wind can result in reliable shore breaks here, so no matter the conditions or time of year, you’ll rarely leave disappointed.  

Flagler Pier

Situated near the relaxed beach neighborhood of the same name, Flagler Pier is home to one of the most consistent breaks in the state. You usually won’t find too many huge crowds here, or any drama. Just reliably good surfing, plenty of sunshine, and warm water. So get ready for a great day on the waves any time of year. 

Pit Surf Shop 

While it’s not exactly a surfing spot per se, Pit Surf Shop is nonetheless where St. Augustine goes to gear up before it hits the water. Here you can rent or buy boards, wetsuits, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and more. Prefer to stick to the shore? No problem. You can also find bikes, beach chairs, umbrellas, and other accessories. The shop also offers lessons and instruction. Bottom line, these are the folks to see for all things surf when visiting St. Augustine.