Package Theft: How to Safeguard Your Deliveries

Online shopping has become an integral part of our life in the twenty-first century, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the resulting boom in package deliveries has fueled the rise of opportunistic criminals, generating concern among homeowners across the country. Remote buyers frequently experience significant package losses, necessitating the implementation of effective package protection techniques. Some of the most effective ones are:

Utilizing Smart Lock Technology

Smart locks improve security by giving homeowners more control over who can enter and exit their property. Smart locks allow you to provide temporary or virtual keys to delivery personnel directly from your smartphone. The most advanced smart lock models even allow guests to contact homeowners via speech and visual technology, making it even easier to monitor your property. All things considered, it is critical to get professional advice before acquiring and installing smart locks. Finding a certified local locksmith near you is ultimately the best strategy as such professionals can advise you on the best models. 

Installing A CCTV System

CCTV systems provide homeowners with up to the minute information about their property, such as the time somebody entered or exited. These surveillance devices can trace everything, including when your product was delivered, how it was stored, and who handled it last. Installing such a system is similar to using a semi-automatic parcel tracking method. In the event of package theft, it can greatly improve your chances of recovering the shipment. Even better, new CCTV systems are compatible with computer and internet networks. It implies you can use them to track the box regardless of where you are and until you have the package at hand. Having real-time access to information about your package gives you the flexibility to seek effective assistance in the event of an emergency. For example, you can use the information to call local authorities if someone attempts to steal your delivery. Real-time evidence outperforms recorded evidence. CCTV systems have proven effective in a variety of scenarios. It is recommended to install the best ones by considering aspects such as battery capacity and night vision capabilities. 

Exercise Caution When Unloading Packages

Aside from technology, there are several more measures that can be useful in protecting shipments delivered to your house. Among them is having things delivered only when you can receive and store them personally, or with the help of a trustworthy person. Fortunately, most internet retailers are willing and flexible enough to deliver items within the specified timeframes. For example, you can have the product delivered in the evening when you return from work or over the weekend. Security experts also advise using a combination of precautions when handling parcels. If you receive a lot of deliveries, you may install a porch lock box or an Amazon locker. You can also prevent porch pirates by having things delivered to your work address. 

Final Word

One of the most convenient aspects of today’s buying experience is package delivery. The measures suggested above can help increase the security of your package. However, you may want to apply an extra layer of protection just to be sure.