Latest Locksmith Tips to Prevent Package Theft

The increase in online purchases has determined a market growth in package delivery during the holiday seasons. While e-commerce is a fundamental factor in online shopping, the recent pandemic has contributed to this trend. However, beyond the growth of the package delivery sector, there’s the emergence of a new problem: package theft. Our article will explore the best locksmith tips to help prevent theft of your holiday gifts.

Installation of a Smart Lock System

One of the first actions you can take against the threat of package theft is to call the nearest home locksmith to you and request the installation of a smart lock system. If you don’t know where to start your search from, look at, one of the most advanced nationwide locksmith companies in the US.

Smart lock systems are an easy and practical solution to control your home’s accessibility through your Smartphone. You can even unlock the door remotely for the package delivery service to allow them to leave your gifts directly inside your home. The system sends a notification to your Smartphone informing you who is at your door. A microphone or camera adds extra functionalities in advanced smart lock system models.

Installation of a CCTV System

CCTV systems are excellent deterrents for theft. Video camera surveillance systems connect several devices, such as computers, cameras, and wires. The controlling center of the CCTV system allows you to access the area of your front door to only authorized people. 

Video surveillance systems are exhaustive solutions to check the activity around your property and identify suspicious individuals or movements. If someone is stealing a package from your porch, the camera activates a ringing sound and sends you a notification in real-time.

The CCTV system field is one of the fastest-growing home security sectors, with several systems designed for the specific needs of homeowners or businesses. Also, you can choose between wired and wireless cameras. Wired cameras are more reliable than wireless ones but more costly. Wireless cameras can be positioned where you want, regardless of where you have the wires, but you’ll need to replace the batteries regularly.

Installation of a Lockbox

A lockbox can give you the security of having your package inside a secure container. Ensure purchasing a lockbox model that is properly sized for larger packages. Also, different lockbox models can offer a different security level. The best choice would be to install a lockbox that works like a PO’s package drop-off, with a delivery door and a separate retrieve door to lock with a key.

This lockbox model prevents accessing already-delivered packages in the deposit section. Once the delivery door closes, the package slips to the deposit section, which you can access by unlocking the retrieve door with the key.

Prudence is Never Enough

Finally, it would always be better to arrange the delivery time when you will be at home. Another solution is to go and pick up your package directly from the carrier. 

If you’re back after shopping for gifts, unload everything once the door is closed. Remember that prudence is never enough!