St. Augustine Winery, Brewery and Distillery Guide

St. Augustine of Hippo was certainly an interesting figure in history. In addition to being a celebrated scholar and orator, St. Augustine reportedly also dabbled in brewing his own beer and spirits. Because of this, he was canonized as the patron saint of brewers. Drawing on that lineage, St. Augustine the city has long been home to some of the region’s finest beverage artisans, creating all manner of delicious drinks. Looking to explore this rich heritage? Then take a look at our St. Augustine winery, brewery and distillery guide.    

St. Augustine Wineries

Florida’s near-tropical climate may not exactly be the typical Mediterranean-style biome most wine growers might say they favor, but our rich soil and consistent sunshine certainly contribute a uniquely desirable terroir to our native grapes. As such, several area wineries have been producing very respectable vintages that are enjoyed locally, as well as nationwide. Regardless of your preferred style, you’ll find it at the following: 

  • San Sebastian Winery: The award-winning wines from San Sebastian span a wide range of styles, from traditional Chardonnay, Cabernet and Pinot to deliciously flavorful sherry and port varieties. 
  • Maestro Winery: Specializing in sweet, dry fruit and botanical wines, Maestro creates unique bottles with exotic ingredients like rose petals, chocolate orange, and apricots.  
  • Flagler Beachfront Winery: Just a bit down the beach to the south, oenophiles will discover this delightful vintner and their decorated line of vintages. Don’t pass on the red zinfandel, Gewürztraminer, or Riesling here. 

St. Augustine Breweries

There’s nothing like a nice tall cold one at the end of a sunny Florida day. Thankfully, St. Augustine’s brewers have you covered. Whether you’re looking to sip a complex, layered stout, refreshingly crisp lager, rich wheat or hoppy IPA, the patron saint of brewing has imbued his namesake town with a beer culture sure to please even the most persnickety of aficionados. Here are some of the best places we’ve got on-tap for a peppy pint. 

  • Ancient City Brewing: As you might expect from the name, Ancient City uses old-country, time-tested recipes for its signature brews. Stop into their taproom, or sample their wares at over 500 area bars and restaurants.
  • Dog Rose Brewing: Since opening its doors in 2017, one of the city’s newest breweries has fast become one of its favorites. Dog Rose’s inventive beers include uncommon varieties like maibocks, fruit sours and reds. (
  • Bog Brewing Company: Bog Brewing takes its cues from traditional European-style methods, producing domestic twists on Belgian-style beers, barrel-aged farmhouse lagers and Saisons.
  • Old Coast Ales: The experimental brewmasters at Old Coast dabble in a wide range of varieties — such as porters, coffee ales, goses, blondes and many more. You never know what you’ll find here. 

St. Augustine Distilleries

Not to be outdone, the city’s spirit distilleries work overtime to see to it that the brewers and vintners don’t get to have all the fun around here. Many not only offer their wares right on-site where they’re artfully created, but also in bars, restaurants and liquor stores locally and regionally. You definitely don’t want to leave the area without sampling their takes on some of the most popular beverage styles. Here are our favorite picks: 

  • The St. Augustine Distillery: In addition to handcrafting small-batch Bourbon, rum, gin, vodka and other artisanal spirits, this family-owned and operated distillery also focuses on sustainability, environmental preservation and community outreach. 
  • City Gate Spirits: Named as a nod to their proximity to the historic City Gate, you’ll find a whimsical selection of potables here — including apple, orange and cream and “white lightning” moonshines.   

Regardless of your preferred sip, St. Augustine has a bottle, glass or snifter of your favorite ready to enjoy just steps away. While you’re our guest at St. George Inn, you’re also always welcome to stop into our own Bin 39 Wine Bar to sample a sommelier-curated selection of delicious varieties. When you’re ready to plan your stay, visit our Special Offers Page to select the travel deal that’s right for you.