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Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am Tournament 2024

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Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am Tournament 2024

Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am Tournament 2024

From Saturday, August 17, 2024 to Sunday, August 18, 2024 August 17, 2024 August 18, 2024 St. George Inn

The annual Skimboarding Pro/Am Tournament brings professional and amateur skim boarders to Vilano Beach in a hotly contested competition on Saturday and Sunday, August 17 & 18, 2024. The event is family-friendly and will span the entire weekend from sunrise to sunset. (There is a rider meeting on Friday evening, August 16.)

This event draws top-ranking athletes from around the world, competing in multiple divisions, for both professionals and amateurs. All ages compete, divided into several categories from younger than eight to those older than 40.

For those unfamiliar with skimboarding, it's sort of like surfing, but it starts on the beach. Often called "Run, Drop, Slide," the sport uses a board that's shorter than a surfboard and doesn't have fins. These features allow competitors to slide in very shallow water and maintain more control. Skimboarders start from the beach, build momentum, make their way onto incoming waves, and ride back to the shore.

The Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am Tournament is known for the fun of competition and the gathering of old friends. It's an end-of-summer bash that the whole family can enjoy.

Admission: Free admission for non-participating adults and children. For tournament entry information please visit here, or call (904) 540-1189.

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 17 - 18, 2024, from sunrise to sunset.

Where: Vilano Beach, St. Augustine, Florida 32084.

Several area hotels are partnering with the tournament to provide accommodations for visitors:

St. Augustine Beach House (904) 217-3765

Ponce Hotel (904) 824-5554

Hampton Inn (904) 827-9797

North Beach Camp Resort (904) 824-1806

Holiday Inn Express Vilano (904) 481-8300